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Tree Removal

While trees are amazing—both for the environment and for aesthetic appeal—it’s not always a good idea to leave them where they are. Sometimes, trees can be in particularly dangerous areas. For example, say there’s a large tree in between two houses. If this tree falls, then it could cause serious damage to either home. Removing the tree is no simple task, so get an expert to assist you. 1st Priority Tree Service offers tree removal. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and dedicate ourselves to giving you the best work possible. 

The Best Tree Removal Service Around

At 1st Priority Tree Service, we specialize in dangerous removals. We know what it takes to safely get rid of a tree, even if it’s in a particularly tough spot. Using our top-of-the-line equipment, we will carefully cut down the tree, and then remove every piece of it from your property. 

A Tree Surgeon That Truly Cares

We don’t just help get rid of dangerous trees; a tree surgeon from our team can trim old, damaged trees to help preserve them. Call today if you need assistance.

Trust us to provide you with the service you need. 

1st Priority Tree Service, LLC: For all Your Tree Care Needs

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